You’re thinking a custom-design

Shade sail might work best for your project?

A standard-sized & shaped sail won’t fit the location where you want to use a shade sail?

Or perhaps you prefer a sail which is rainproof?

Or one with a complex shape to fit a complex-shaped location?

We’ll design one to fit while our experienced seamstresses will individually craft your sail using industry-best Australian-made shade cloth fabric stitched with hi-tech UV-proof thread with a 15 year warranty…. just follow the simple 6-step procedure detailed below and we’ll design your sail made to fit your proposed location and objectives (taking into account attachment points, the fabric stretch when tensioned, and the length of attachment & tensioning fittings on the sail corners).

How the design & quotation process works:

  1. First we recommend you read our “Everything you need to know about shade sails
  2. Follow our 6 steps below which will guide you in sending to us the information we need to design your sail
  3. Our first response to your inquiry will be either (a) a request for some more information, (b) our comments on your concept and/or some advice about how the design might be made more practical/feasible, or, if we think your design concept is OK and “ready to go” (c) a quotation to design, fabricate and ship.
  4. If we think the design process will involve more than a straightforward design (the cost of which will be included in the normal sail price) we will advise you of this and provide our quotation to complete the design work. Should you agree this amount will be added to your sail purchase & shipping price for payment in our on-line shop.

Download Our Guidelines On Designing Shade Sails:

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