Who Are We

Who are we?

Well, firstly, we’re real people (16 of us to be exact). We live and work on the beautiful tropical island of Phuket, Thailand, and 13 years ago we started a small cottage industry here making the very first shade sails ever installed on Phuket. These days we design, fabricate and install all kinds of sun & rain protection structures in all parts of Asia, and we ship product to all parts of the world.

Our company is called ShadesAsia, (www.shadesasia.com) and we’re proud members of the Industrial Fabrics Association International – we’ve been awarded “Awards of Excellence” 9 times by our colleagues at IFAI in the US.

But we’re still just 16 people, most have been with Shades for many years, most of us have kids growing up on Phuket Island, and we all work hard to keep our business thriving.

That’s why we decided to make this dedicated website to make it easier for folks like yourself to find us on the web and to facilitate the completion of your shade sail project.

After 13 years we know lots about shade sails. We know how to design them, how to position and shape them to ensure they provide shade where it’s required and at which times of the day and year, and we know what works and what doesn’t work, what lasts and what doesn’t last.

We also know that optimizing a design is not always straightforward, and so we decided to make a website which not only sold standard sized shade sails and fittings, but offered a pathway for clients to get some really good & useful advice and design assistance for their shade sail project in a way which we hope will be an experience almost as if we were visiting your site and discussing your shade sail over a coffee.

Our Mission

We are in business to make shade sails readily available to clients anywhere in the world who want best quality shade/UV protection solutions to suit their needs exactly – with maximum degree of service and minimum amount of fuss.

  • Well sell only highest quality shade sails
  • We’re all about service!
  • We serve the planet – you order, we ship anywhere.